1956 Ambulance

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Eureka ambulance model

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This combination hearse-ambulance was copied from a photo in the collection of the
McSwain & Evans, funeral home in Newberry, SC, courtesy of the management

Hess & Eisenhardt (USA) Skyview observation coach on the 158" wheelbase. Like the 1955 model, of which six were built, these 1956 models also were delivered to the exclusive Broadmoor Hotel near Pike's Peak, Colorado.  All were painted Mandan Red and had Pecos beige upper body accents.   There were four large, transparent Plexiglas roof panels on the roof for sightseeing in the scenic park around the hotel.  One of these rare station wagons was offered for sale at a Kruse auction in Scottsdale, AZ, in January 2001. Although bid up to $53,000, it was not sold.

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Hess & Eisenhardt (USA) This Custom View Master with roof rack but no imitation wood paneling was photographed at a car show in the mid-seventies by the late Gene Babow

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Hess & Eisenhardt Custom View Master

Meteor (USA) Various custom vehicles for the ambulance and funeral trades like the examples below:

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This model was built by the Meteor Motor Car Company of Piqua, OH

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This one was photographed a few years ago in a junkyard


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Above, the popular Meteor combination hearse-ambulance

Superior (USA) various commercial vehicles for the funeral and ambulance trades, like the examples below:

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Above and below: Superior limousine ambulance, with built-in, "tunnel" roof lights;
The car below appears to have done its time; it now awaits an enthusiastic restorer

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This survivor was offered for sale on Internet in August, 2004

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[Unknown] Fire truck conversion on 1956 Cadillac chassis

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Visser [meaning "Fisher", in Dutch] (Holland) Various commercial vehicles (hearses and ambulances on regular or stretched Cadillac chassis, like this one from 1956. Mr de Jong of Holland wrote: This one is built on a 1956 Cadillac commercial chassis. At least one of the cars still exists and is (partly) restored by a guy. The construction is partly made from wood. Note the non-standard windshield. At the start of the seventies it was over for the Cadillac ambulance as regulations (and money supply) were tightened and a switch was made to the (Chevy)van-based ambulances.

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Visser built an entire new upper body, including the windhsield.